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Mission & Vission


Our Mission

Under the conditions of quality and honesty, KURTOĞLU A.Ş aims at increasing its product variety with technical plastics, Teflon, epoxy, delrin, polyamide, kestamid, PVC, fiber, Pertinaks, signboards and wedge, copper sticks and wires, crucibles, steel sheets, aluminum stairs and etc besides aluminum profiles under the needs of our customers,  to activate the most modern and qualified production facilities in the shortest time under Kurtoğlu A.Ş Milimetric and to increase the facilities, which already posses all possible chances and supplies, parallel to the conditions of present day.

Our Vision

The Kurtoğlu A.Ş Administration Board, which thinks that the priority should be customer satisfaction, aims at becoming a company that abides by the developments in the world in the future, as it has always does also in its past, to address to wider circles due to its different potential, and to become a company which never to compromise from trust and honesty.

Kurtoğlu A.Ş and Milimetric aims at presenting its name as an indispensable company in the market both in Turkey and abroad.

Our Values

  • Fairness and honesty are one of the indispensable values of Kurtoğlu A.Ş.
  • Customers and customer satisfaction, reliability, qualified service, qualified customers, loyalty, openness, honesty, transparency and keeping promises are the most important values for Kurtoğlu A.Ş.


Staff Satisfaction

  • Security,
  • Team work and creating an environment which continually develops,
  • Focusing on staff training to help the company expand,
  • Placing a premium for the staff
    Are truly important for Kurtoğlu A.Ş.

The Most Important Issues For Kurtoğlu A.Ş in The Name Of The Country

  • Communicating in terms of international norms.
  • Participating in social responsibility projects
  • Providing secure and safe employment
  • Promoting and marketing the Milimetric products to customers who buy Kurtoğlu A.Ş products under the most qualified and appropriate terms both in the Turkish and foreign market,
  • Being one of the most reliable and everlasting companies of the country.